Sheila C. – April 8, 2016

Mom always said, “don’t play with your food”…but sometimes, you just need to fondue.  Whether chocolate, cheese, or an Asian hot-pot style – known as Fondue Bourguignon where meat is cooked in oil or broth – fondue stations offer a fun, interactive element to any dining experience.

Often associated with a trend made popular in the 1960’s, D’Artagnan online references “fondue-ing” as dating all the way back to 17th century Switzerland!  Though the original purpose of fondue has been debated, in the 60’s we saw this style of cooking come to life as it embraced a “sense of informality and community”.  In recent years, this cooking concept has been making a strong comeback.  Today, there’s even a restaurant chain whose sole identity is based around the concept of rolling up your sleeves and playing with your food!

Today, life is busy – and family time isn’t always the easiest to come by.  So, why not resurrect this hands-on approach to your next dinner or banquet experience and create some memories sure to last longer than that chocolate covered marshmallow you are probably thinking about right now.

Here’s a few fun fondue ideas to get you started: http://tipnut.com/fondue-guide/


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