Sheila C – April 12, 2016

Anytime you’ve ever been in a kitchen – banquet facility or otherwise – you would probably expect to see items such as sauce pans, baking sheets, a range, tongs, spatulas, knifes, whisks, and the list goes on…

Probably one of the last items you would ever expect to see would be a chainsaw.  And my guess is if you were to see a chainsaw, your gut reaction (much like mine) would be to run…FAST.  Though I doubt we will ever see these become a common place item found in kitchens across America, this just so happens to be a very common tool in the kitchen at the Crowne Plaza Reading.

After the initial confused look appears on our guest’s face when we share that with them – it is inevitably followed by a cautious “Why?”

Executive Chef Timothy Twiford is known for a number of things in Reading, PA – one of which being his amazing ice sculptures.

“Chef Tim” has mastered this technique over the years and not only offers these to in-house functions, but has also participates in ice sculpting competitions around the area. Whether it’s a gala, wedding, corporate function or baby shower – Chef Tim will create an ice sculpture just as unique as your event.

The process is quite the sight to see.  From the initial stages of a large hunk of ice (or “blank canvas” as he refers to it) being brought into a section of the kitchen to the first roar of the chainsaw – Chef Tim will work with a logo, image or picture in recreating it in ice form.

Whether it’s creating a very memorable baby shower for a soon-to-be mom:

Or “WOW-ing” a local partner with their logo:

Or thinking completely outside the box with a Shrimp Luge for a large event:

Ice sculptures allow us to really set ourselves and our property above the rest.  So next time you see that chainsaw sitting on the counter top next to the sink – look around and make sure you are at the Crowne Plaza Reading – then, take a breath, rest easy and be ready to be amazed.



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