Sheila C. ~ Director of Sales & Marketing

The first time I cooked for my then-boyfriend, now-husband, is one he continues to tell people about today.  You’d think with the transition from boyfriend to husband, I’m about to tell you a kitchen success story where I “wow’d” him with my secret culinary skill set.  One would think…  Fortunately for him at that time I lived by a local pizza place and after completely ruining our chicken dish, it was a quick drive down the street to go get a few slices and quiet our rumbling stomachs.

You are probably thinking to yourself, “Why am I reading a culinary blog from a self-acknowledged terrible cook?”  Valid question.  My response to that – because I am living, breathing, cooking proof there is hope for anyone looking to bring out their inner chef!

The turning point for me was a girl’s night out a few years ago.  My friends found a “Cook & Sip” class which brought us all into the kitchen to try our hands in a group cooking session – with a glass of wine of course.  I went into thinking it would be a fun way to spend a Friday with my girlfriends, and if nothing else I could enjoy a glass of wine while doing it.  And that all was true…I had a great time catching up with my girlfriends, I very much enjoyed the glass (or two) of Cabernet and overall it was a great way to spend a Friday.  But the really crazy part – I actually created a pretty amazing dish.

Creating the group setting broke down the walls for me.  It brought a fun, interactive element to the kitchen I hadn’t known before and was done in a laid back environment where I didn’t even realize everything I was taking away from the class until I was done.  We’ve seen these classes pop up here and there, and they offer a great and unique night out.  But what is really cool is the spin we’ve been able to put on this concept within the walls of a hotel.

The Crowne’s Cooking Class is a unique opportunity for groups of adults to cook, learn, eat and laugh their way through a full course dinner.  Maybe it’s a Girlfriends Getaway weekend, or you are looking to do a unique Staycation with your honey, or perhaps you are organizing a conference and are looking to put together a list of unique “To Do’s” in the area for your attendees – the Crowne’s cooking course is a great way to “spice up” your day and hone in on your potentially hidden cooking talents.

Classes take place in the heart of the Crowne Plaza, the kitchen, with the helpful expertise and guidance of Executive Chef Timothy Twiford.  Whether you have a “genre” of food in mind, want to play to a certain seasonal component or just want to trust the man with over 34 years of experience in the hotel kitchen – the Crowne is the place to let your inner chef come out and play!


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