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Every Tuesday the Pier 5 Hotel, located at the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, offers a special twist on the already popular Crabby Hour with our Sushi Tuesdays.

Having been originated in Japan in the 8th century, sushi is a popular course all around the world.  A traditional sushi roll often consists of cooked vinegared rice, combined with a variety of ingredients catered to your liking. Sushi comes in all forms and sizes, cooked and uncooked, or even vegetarian. At the Pier 5 Hotel, you can expect to enjoy our Pier 5 Roll with jumbo lump crab meat or veggie roll, paired with local beer and private label wines.

Hanaya Yohei is believed to be the ‘Father of Sushi’ that we know and eat today. He developed a technique where he would assemble the dish so that both rice and fish could be consumed at the same time known as Haya-zushi, or rather – sushi. In the 19th century, street vendors became the latest trend and many sold various types of sushi based on the fundamental principles of Hanaya. In 1923, an earthquake occurred in the Kanto, displacing a lot of the sushi chefs throughout the country. Knowing what they learned from Hanaya Yohei, they shared their teachings and love for sushi throughout the country and later spread around the world.

The Pier 5 Hotel is very fortunate to be at the Inner Harbor surrounded by fresh ingredients and the seafood culture that is Baltimore! As you enter the lobby of the Pier 5 Hotel, you can see the night sky above, the lights are lit and laughter and smiles all around. Chef Christine prepares the sushi in front of everyone telling jokes and experiences to guests while suggesting places that they must try. If you’re up to the challenge, you may test your culinary skills and learn how to roll a sushi roll in front of everyone.

Click on the photo below to view a video of this fun and unique weekly event!




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