Brian N – Social Media Specialist

In the historic Fell’s Point District, lie two of Meyer Jabara Hotels – the Historic Hotels of America’s Admiral Fell Inn & the #1 Hotel on TripAdvisor in Baltimore, the Inn at Henderson’s Wharf. What’s beautiful about this historic community is that not only does history live in the cobblestones and buildings, but also locals and locally owned businesses are in the Fell’s Point District.

Here you’ll find locally owned shops like Zelda Zen where you’ll find miscellaneous items to give gifts to loved ones or the renowned Sound Garden where you meet artists and listen to the history of music. However, if you know where to look you’ll find hidden gems that make this community unique.

Every Saturday Morning since 2011, the locals come together in center square, right outside the Admiral Fell Inn, and have the Fell’s Point Farmers Market. The moment you enter the market, you’ll be overwhelmed with smiles and the history that is here – stall numbers etched in the curbs since the 1700s, local chefs of surrounding restaurants laughing as they pick the locally + organically grown vegetables and fruits, children smiling and dancing as jugglers and musicians play music, delicious food, and tourists mesmerized by handmade items made by locals.  Click HERE to see their photo gallery.

The next time you’re in Baltimore, support the locals and businesses that our community has to offer!



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