Keith D – F&B Director & Forager Extraordinaire

One of the small areas I grow herbs.  In the stone pot are 3 different kinds of Thyme,

Nasturtiums and Lavender.  To the left of the pot are 5 types of Thyme.

To the right is Oregano, and then Dill.



It was May when I started the Herb garden for the Christiana Hilton.  It took a little while for plants to establish themselves, but we now have several herbs ready to be used in the kitchen.  The Chef and cooks regularly go out to our Courtyard an pick what they need for that day.  Some of the Herbs are also used to make cocktails for the Hunt Club restaurant. Once things get at this stage, there is not much maintenance except to water during the hot summer days.

Nasturtiums, Lavender and Rosemary is in the stone pot.  Surrounding the pot is 5 different

Basils as well as 5 types of Rosemary.  The kitchen uses a lot of both daily.

The Nasturtium flowers are used as a garnish for special plates.

JULY                                                        MAY




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