Jen D ~ Strategic Marketing & Communications Director 

Grilled clams – -it’s a summer staple in Rhode Island. Grilled lobster (or as they say lobsta) is also a personal fav. Steamers (steamas) are one of my favorites and now is the time to celebrate them. You can dig for them yourself (you need a license) or purchase them at one of the many clam shacks or fish markets throughout the state.

Rhode Island is the only state to have a chowder named after it. RI Clam Chowder is awesome and better for you than traditional clam chowder – the broth is clear rather than a heavy cream base. Need to watch those calories when you’re heading to the beach!

It is also said that RI is the birthplace of Clams Casino. The story goes that the maître d’ at the original casino at the Towers in Narragansett, RI named them that….truth or no, still delicious.

Have you ever had a RI Stuffie – no, it’s not a weird RI version of a wedgie – it’s a stuffed clam made from onions, garlic, chourico, herbs & spices and of course clams – baked to golden heavenly goodness. Clam cakes are also a RI original. I’m not the biggest fan but how can you go wrong…deep fried batter full of clams. For recipes for your Rhode Island steamers, click HERE.

A little side note about Providence: Providence, RI has some amazing restaurants offering seafood (voted best state for Foodies by Travel & Leisure). This week and next are Restaurant Weeks and this provides visitors and locals the chance to indulge in some astounding seafood fare! The Chefs’ Tasting Escape and the AQUA’s Tower for Two packages have been the most popular food destination packages of the summer.

So join me in celebrating our fine little friends, the steamers/clams/quohogs/littleneck/cherry stones, etc!


PS: Couldn’t resist sharing this article from Yankee Magazine about the BEST lobster (lobsta) rolls in New England…don’t even get me started.


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