Bounty of Garden Cleanup


My small garden grown in pots; herbs, nasturtiums, peppers, and lettuce.

It was April when I first started my deck garden at home.   Grown in pots, I had a very good and fruitful year, though the extreme hot weather mandated a daily watering if not twice a day.  Now that it’s November, it is time for me to complete the cycle and pick the last of my crop.  I have been lucky with the weather, with few days of October frost, and no hard frosts, so I have had a somewhat extended season.  I have gradually been dwindling down the items in the past few weeks, my eggplant and tomatoes. Now all I really have left to pick is peppers, but a wonderful selection! It’s hard to see in the picture, but what will be left is a planting of fall lettuce that I hope to keep going for a few weeks longer until the freezing temperatures set in.  Also I have a pot of Herbs that I will eventually bring in and try to keep going. 

Clean up is the time to get ready for next year.  Throw away the old broken things and store away the goods things you will use again next season.  For a regular garden, you should add some type of compost, old leaves, and/or manure, and then turn the soil over so these things can break down. A garden is all about the soil, and to keep it healthy and full of nutrients, this is a necessary thing to do if you want a successful growing season next year.

I also keep a log of what I grew, and make sure I write down the things that did really great, and not so great.


A wonderful selection of peppers from my deck garden.   Varieties include :   Carmen Sweet Italian Pepper, BellaFina Orange Baby Bell Pepper, Gypsy Sweet Pepper,        Red Sweet Bell Pepper, Early Jalapeno Hot Pepper, and Pablano/Ancho Hot Pepper.






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