2017 Wedding Food Trends

Happy New Year!  We have said good-bye to 2016, but I think some of the past year’s food trends will be here to stay, at least for a while.  Cauliflower made a huge debut served as just about everything from buffalo flavored “wings” to steak, and even shredded cauliflower rice.  2016 also gave us Matcha, coconut oil, and food bowls just to name a few.

Hello 2017!!  The food scene this year is going to be magical!  We are seeing more cultural foods, healthier alternatives, fermented foods, hummus, and my favorite, Purple.  Purple is popping up everywhere from potatoes, beets, cauliflower (of course!) and tortilla chips.  The color purple shows us that these foods may be dense with nutrients and antioxidants.


One of our favorite things to watch in any given year in the hospitality industry are the wedding trends for the year ahead.  Here are a few we liked:

Brinner: Out with Brunch!  Brinner is of course breakfast for dinner.  Think Chicken & Waffles, Pancakes- savory & sweet, Steak & Eggs, or even an Omelet station.


Miniature Anything:  It’s just a bite!  They are easy for guests to handle, and there are so many options from butlered and displayed hors d’oeuvres, dinner stations, and of course desserts such as mini pastries, miniature cupcakes.  Be careful not to go too overboard with this one, it can be very labor intensive for chef.


Stations and DYI :  Not so new, but now they are even more creative, and more fun! 

After Party Snacks: No matter what time your reception ends, your guests will love a snack after all of that dancing and mingling.


There are so many more new trends happening, please share and comment with us!

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