Recipe for…Healthy Culture

by Sheila Contento

Recently a recipe book was published by a variety of leaders, hospitality professionals, and culinary leaders within the Berks County community and abroad.  The book is called, Recipes for Thoughtful Leadership and Healthy Culture and was composed by the founder of FOCUSED, LLC, Bonnie Sussman-Versace.  The book represents a variety of articles written and published by the author focusing on leadership and culture, and the “recipes” to achieve these items.  These articles are then blended with true food recipes from a variety of notable professionals, designed to make your reading experience more flavorful.  “When you nurture, learn, practice and live a healthy culture and thoughtful leadership, the results will be obvious.  Your company will attract the best and finest team members, customers and vendors, as they will all want to part of an ongoing success story”, says the author.

Clearly, the author’s perception of a desirable culture falls very much in line with that which we display here at Meyer Jabara Hotels.  How fitting to have one of Meyer Jabara’s own Executive Chef’s featured not only in this publication, but in the ‘Culture’ section.

Do your taste buds a favor…try this amazingly creative and easy recipe at home!  I promise, you’ll thank me.

Recipes for Thoughtful.jpg


4 bags of 2 oz popcorn

1 qt heavy cream

Shrimp stock



Salt & Pepper


  1. Portion about 2 oz of popcorn sauce in small bowls
  2. Place shrimp on top of sauce
  3. Garnish with kernels of popcorn and micro greens
  4. Combine popcorn and cream in sauce pot, cook at 140 degrees for 30 minutes
  5. Pour into blender and blend – strain through strainer
  6. Return to burner – reduce consistency to coat back of a spoon
  7. Season with kosher salt and black pepper
  8. Poach shrimp in broth of butter, kernels of popcorn and shrimp stock




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